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Grill Magnet


Grill Magnet

A Grill Magnet is a type of magnetic separator that is designed to remove ferrous particles from free-flowing, granular, or powdered materials. The grill magnet consists of a series of magnetic rods or tubes that are arranged in a grid pattern and housed in a stainless steel frame. Shree Vishwakarma Magnets is gaining huge accolades as a major manufacturer of premium grill magnets in India.

Grill magnets are useful in a variety of applications in industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and plastic. They are used to remove fine iron particles from dry or free-flowing products, such as sugar, tea, grains, and spices, before packaging. Grill magnets are also used to protect processing equipment, such as milling machines, extruders, and mixers, from damage caused by ferrous particles.

Grill magnets are available in various sizes and strengths to meet specific customer requirements. They can be installed in various locations, such as hoppers, chutes, and pipelines, and are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. The magnets are made of high-quality materials, such as rare earth magnets, to provide maximum magnetic strength and durability. Thus, delivering the varied needs of different industrial sectors, we are well-known amidst the trusted Industrial Grill Magnet suppliers and exporters.

One of the key benefits of grill magnets is their ability to remove small ferrous particles that cannot be removed by other means, such as screens or filters. They are also able to remove ferrous particles from products that are difficult to screen or filter, such as powders and granules. With their high-quality grill magnets, we provide a cost-effective solution for companies looking to remove ferrous particles from their products and protect their processing equipment.

Types of Grill Magnet

Round Magnet Grills

Rectangular Magnet Grills

Square Magnetic Grill

Self-Cleaning Magnetic Grill

Iron Separator

Salient Features

Compact Design

Customized Design

Resistance against Abrasion

Magnetic Intensity up to 11000 Gauss

The frame construction with S.S with 310-316 is also available.

Our Magnetic Grill is used for

Magnetic Grill For Ceramic Industries or Powder

Magnetic Grill For Mineral Industries

Magnetic Grill For Pigments

Magnetic Grill For Dies

Magnetic Grill For Alpha and Beta Blue

Magnetic Grill For Guar Gum

Magnetic Grill For Wheat Flour

Magnetic Grill For Intermediate

Magnetic Grill For Quartz Powder

Magnetic Grill For Emulsifier

Magnetic Grill For Limestone Powder

Magnetic Grill For Glass Plant

Magnetic Grill For Tile Plant

Magnetic Grill For Chemical Plants

Magnetic Grill For Plastic Granules

Magnetic Grill For Plastic Grinder

Magnetic Grill For Packaging Machine

Magnetic Grill For All Spices

Magnetic Grill For All Grains

Magnetic Grill For All Pulses