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Magnetic Coolant Filter


Magnetic Coolant Filter

A magnetic coolant filter is a type of industrial filter used to remove ferrous particles, such as metal chips and particles, from the coolant or oil in a machining process. The filter works by using magnetic attraction to trap the ferrous particles in the coolant, which can then be easily removed from the system.

The magnetic coolant filter from Shree Vishwakarma Magnets is designed with high-intensity magnetic elements that ensure maximum removal of ferrous particles from the coolant. These filters are available in different sizes and configurations to fit the specific needs of different industrial applications. Shree Vishwakarma Magnets is a well-known manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Magnetic Coolant Filters in India.

The advantages of using a magnetic coolant filter include improved surface finish of machined parts, extended tool life, reduced maintenance costs, and increased machine efficiency. Additionally, the use of a magnetic coolant filter helps to reduce the environmental impact of machining processes by preventing the discharge of contaminated coolant or oil into waterways or the environment.