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Gyrator Vibro Screen

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Gyrator Vibro Screen

The Gyrator Vibro Screen is a high-performance vibrating screen that is designed for applications that require precise particle size control. Shree Vishwakarma Magnets, a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India, offers a range of Gyrator Vibro Screens that are widely used in various industries such as chemicals, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and many others.

The Gyrator Vibro Screen is equipped with a specially designed motor that generates a gyratory motion, which is different from the conventional vibrating screens. This unique motion allows the material to spread evenly across the screen, which results in efficient screening and separation of particles. The screen is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a perforated plate that is easy to remove and clean.

The Gyrator Vibro Screen is highly useful in a variety of applications such as grading, separation, and de-dusting of powders and granules. The machine is also useful for removing oversized particles and impurities from raw materials. The compact design of the machine ensures easy installation and maintenance. With their expertise and experience, Shree Vishwakarma Magnets offers customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Single / Double Deck Vibrating Screens

Single and double deck vibrating screening machines are designed for screening of powders. These machines are simple and robust in construction.

Screen sizes are available of 1500 x 600mm, 1800mm x 800mm, 2500mm x 800mm. Special sizes as per client requirement are also be manufactured.

The vibrating screens are also available with a magnetic system to remove fine iron. Contamination from products like chemicals, pharmaceutical and foods products etc.