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Magnetic Sorting Belt


Magnetic Sorting Belt

We developed a unique product which is a combination of sorting belt and a super intensity magnetic roller which can easily remove highly paramagnetic and low paramagnetic with the magnetic effect and also have a facility to sort out the non-ferrous impurities from the product.

It is the most suitable for dehydrated food processing industry:




and various other vegetables

The magnetic sorting belt is also useful for separation of quartz and many other mineral products which are having both kinds of impurities.

Magnetic Sorting Belt is a conveyor belt system equipped with magnetic technology that helps sort and separate ferrous materials from non-ferrous materials. The magnetic sorting belt consists of a sturdy conveyor belt that carries materials through a magnetic field generated by a powerful magnet. The magnetic field attracts and separates ferrous materials, such as iron and steel, from non-ferrous materials, such as plastic, glass, and aluminum.

Shree Vishwakarma Magnets is a top-notch manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Magnetic Sorting Belt in India. They offer various types of Magnetic Sorting Belts with different configurations and sizes to suit various industrial applications. Magnetic Sorting Belt is widely used in industries such as recycling, mining, aggregate, and food processing, where separation of ferrous materials is crucial to the production process. The Magnetic Sorting Belt can also be customized to meet specific industrial requirements.